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A great buissnes idea

Well I have a very good idea for the industry that I’m not sure anyone has done yet because it’s not easy to do this unless u know the people that j know but with all of us together we will succeed regardless so I’m posting this to see if I sparks any interest in investors even tho we have saved a decent amount on money half way to our mark to start so


Whats the idea except money? Just asking, but guess it wont be unique if you post it on the forum.

If it’s patented he could potentially post about it without worrying right?

I haven’t pattend it yet and I did do the research and no 1 has done this yet and I am now going thru the steps to patten the start my company and lable I’m jus so busy atm it’s guna have to sit on the back burner till I set up the new rooms I finally got all my materials in jus gota finish building this office for my friends wife then we can set it all up


I like money. Lol