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A hero to millions has passed

A couple days ago a friend notified me of the terrible and untimely death of a friend, warrior and mentor, Jules Stobbs. Him and his partner, Myrtle Clarke have for just over a decade revolutionized cannabis culture in South Africa. Not only SA, but really the rest of the world. They were brutally attacked in another farm murder in South Africa during the early hours of Friday morning.

“Former Royal Navy sailor Julian Stobbs, 59, was murdered in cold blood while defending his partner after armed robbers broke into their farmland home near Johannesburg.” link

I thought of just making a quick post about this very tragic event. May he rest in peace, hells bells, hippy heaven with loads of plants and good people. My heart breaks for his partner in crime Myrtle and their family and friends.

Dagga Couple

The official public statement from Fields of Green For All:

“During the early morning hours of Friday, 3 July 2020, an armed robbery took place at the property of Jules Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke, best known as The Dagga Couple. The attackers entered the couple’s bedroom and shot and fatally wounded Jules Stobbs. Myrtle was physically left unharmed and the attackers made off with two cellphones and two laptops. The Cannabis community is mourning the passing of our hero. The family is requesting that the public respect their privacy and allow Myrtle and the family some space during this difficult time. Thank you for the outpouring of love we have already received.”


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That is terrible. So sorry this happened. :disappointed_relieved:


So sorry for the loss…revolutionaries are so lacking these days…


I call bullshit an iconic voice suddenly gets robbed and killed over 2 cell phones and 2 laptops… Deeper truth than what I’ve read on “Google” and “news”… His ideals and faith tenacity and perseverance will live forever :call_me_hand:


:broken_heart: :rose:------------:pensive:


Sorry to hear! We need our heroes in our world! Terrible things happen to good people! RIP and God bless

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what’s the connection between your statement and the video

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that’s for @scotty17

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Statement was a statement… song is a tribute to a fallen hero… Raise your lanterns to the sky and illuminate the night

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Hey canna fam.

Something close to my heart is cannabis and also the cannabis community in large. My family and friends are battling without our leader, Julian Stobbs, especially his widow Myrtle Clarke. Listening to her video, heart ache, doing something her or Jules never enjoyed doing, asking for donations to push cannabis legalisation efforts forward in South Africa, breaks ones heart.

Please watch her video and support this cause by donating what you can to help continue the cannabis movement in South Africa.

" The devastating loss of Jules Stobbs to an act of senseless violence during a house robbery a few weeks ago has impacted every corner of the Cannabis community, both in South Africa and across the world. For those who knew Jules, and for those who heard of him, he was a man who would have been angry if we gave up our fight to free our beloved plant from the clutches of prohibition. The fire is burning and our resolve is stronger than ever. We need all the help we can get.

Fields of Green for ALL, with the help of Dabstars, have decided to run a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to fuel our resolve to continue on our Cannabis legalisation journey in South Africa. The funds raised will be used for:

  1. Security for the Jazzfarm
  2. Fields of Green for ALL (FGA) Staff Welfare
  3. The Trial of the Plant
  4. FGA’s Full Spectrum Manifesto for Policy Reform
  5. South African National Cannabis Survey
  6. Stop the Cops

For more details on each of these key projects, please visit read “Remembering Jules – Cannabis Can Help South Africa ” on our website."

South Africa is a dog show at the moment. The truth is serious crime has escalated like mad, land invasions and illegal land claims are happening on a daily basis and honestly the country is heading oneway. Its a sad reality and still holding out hope for cannabis to play its part in a greener future. With the continued efforts of these people, Myrtle Clarke, The Jazzfarm, Fields of Green for All and the Hotbox Show, South Africa still has a chance.

Our government passed a proposal in the last few hours, drafting regulation for legal private access for cannabis use and cultivation. Its exciting times to, but with the corruption and lack of law and order, people like this are needed to prevent abuse of cannabis laws.

So if you can dig a little deeper in trying times for all of us here in South Africa, it would be hugely appreciated for any donations towards South Africa’s cannabis cause and evolution.