A little advise from Hydro growers

Ok I’m gonna take my hydro system apart. Already cleaned it out vacuumed out the water and cleaned everything up pump, air lines and air stones. Am getting ready to take the lines off the buckets but would like to keep them in one piece and re-usable. Any suggestions for getting the lines off the barbed fittings? I know I can use a heat gun, but I covered all the lines with bubble insulated reflective foil, and secured it with HVAC foil tape which don’t let go and I’m afraid that the heat gun will fubar the foil wrap? lol. I welcome any suggestions that will allow me to keep everything in one piece and able to be reused.


Maybe soak in hot water to make playable then you can remove.


Kinda hard to do that, I thought of that too, but the lines are through the side of the tent so I can’t move or raise anything up until I get it partially apart. I was going to try unscrewing the fittings that go through the buckets, but that won’t work either. Guess if some of it gets ruined I will just redo it next time.

Thanks !!


Maybe soak towels in hot water and wrap?


There ya go! Now that might just work ! Many heads better than one, specially when blazed on brownies lol.


Maybe try filling the system with hot water.


Yep that is another good idea! Wouldn’t have to put much in, the tubes are in the bottom, 5 gal would do it for sure, only problem with that is the water coming out as soon as I pulled a tube off, and it is in my carpeted office in the basement. I made a grow room/ office out of my 16’x 6’ coal room under the front porch.


Any way you could put a tarp or garbage bag underneath and then use a wet/dry vac


How did it turn out? @sssportsmfg

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It didn’t. The AGAR I got off Amazon was so thin, combined with the slow growth and after it started growing mycelium, but going SO slow, the AGAR dried up and everything died. Didn’t realize until it was too late. I had them sealed with tape and upside down, no idea why it did that, zero contamination that part was ok, they just dried up and died.