A little help sexing and some deeper knowledge questions

Hey everyone!

New member here, and I’m doin my first run of photos. I got something odd going on and I’m not sure what I’m looking at. I need a bit of help figuring out if this plant is going hermie.

So as a preamble, all girls in the tent are from feminized seeds. All girls were seeded within a week of each other and are all on very similar feed etc. I’ve been decreasing from 18/6 by about 20 minutes a day and am dropping to below 16/8 tonight.

However, I checked my dark time in the tent this week and one of the power bars had quite a bright indicator light in the power switch.

So here’s the culprit.

This is a little higher up the plant.

And this is just below the top node of the stalk.

So first question is obviously, Is she going hermie?

But this sparks some additional questions seeing as I’m not seeing this anywhere else. Is it possible for only part of a plant to hermie? Will this later spread? Can you reveg a hermie and then later flip to turn her female?

And of course… If unsure, how long do you push leaving “it” in the tent to figure it out? I mean if I’m not seeing the kind of development that leads me to believe it would actually be able to transfer pollen, it’s cool to wait it out right?


I only see female parts.


All Female @blackcat
Hermies tend to sprout balls fast, like overnight fast.
Don’t stress to much now.
Happy Growing :vulcan_salute:


:100: with @covertgrower @docdre definitely female :+1::+1::+1:


Thanks guys! @scotty17 @docdre @covertgrower Really appreciate the support. It’s only my second run, and my first run of photos, so I’m really nervous about what I’m doing at every step of the way. She definitely looked female, but just looking at how that development started to lengthen and stretch away from the node, I was getting myself in a bit of a panick. Maybe I’ve just been cooped up with them too long ha ha ha.