A little update and some advice

Hey I hope everyone had a great new year I know I did from what I can remember.

So just a few pics of how my plant is doing its into its flowering stage and should be ready for harvest around 8th-15th of Feb

My main concern is how to dry and cure it. I would appreciate any help on how long to dry for what humidity is ideal how much to break the plant down at different stages of drying and anything else I may need to know. Even if you think no that’s just common sense… let’s just pretend I don’t have any :joy::rofl:

Thanks in advanced I know you guys and gals have got me


I like to cut the branches off at the stock and hang it that way in the dark at around 60% RH and around 18 degrees Celsius for at least a week. And then I jar and cure.


Half humity half temp. Like 60/60

Dark cool and lite breeze not directly on bud.


@Slym3r @happyhippy cheers for the advice I have a smaller tent I was planning on using as a nursery but I might repurpose it for drying instead!