A more formal introduction

So now that ive got more of a feel for the community, i want to formally introduce myself. First off let me say i can really feel the love in the forums. And i appreciate all the support and positive energy.

So i learned about growers network via youtube watching cannacribs. They say the best way to become successful is to study successful people. I have always had this passion for cannabis, that was above and beyond everyone around me. I didnt just wanna smoke to get high. I wanted to know everything about this plant. Then the studies came out on all the medical benefit. I was amazed. So i took my passion to the next level. And started growing. As i stated in my first intro. I seen this as my way to give back. To grow medicine. I cant be a doctor but i can help people. I consume cannabis because i struggle with ptsd, bipolar, and situational anxiety. And prior to my prison time i was an addict. So i dont like taking pills. I dont ever want to risk my sobriety. So i smoke to cope. And cannabis has done for me what no medicine ever has.
To dive a little further into why i am here. I am here to gather any kind of information that i can of course. To learn how to produce the beat product i possibly can. And here is why.
This past october i married my childhood sweetheart. Literally my very first girlfriend. And you cant imagine the feeling. The childhood girlfiend that I claimed i would one day marry. And i did. After i moved away to live with my dad in the 3rd grade. We were seperated for 20 plus years. And after i was released from prison. We found our way back together and got married.
Unfortunately during her last pregnancy she had to have a historectomy because the doctor screwed up and tore her uteral wall. So our dream is to have a baby together. We cant have a baby the natural way since she had the historectomy. So we are saving up for IVF. we already have a surrogate. We just need the funds… So im working to make my personal dream of owning a cannabis business, come true. So that i can make my familys dream come true.
So i am never opposed to advice. Anything that can make me better anything to make me prosper.please feel free to share…

Thank you guys
You are all a blessing
Cg and tabi
Midwest cannabis company


very nice to have you here :slight_smile: there is much knowledge here

and the folks here freely share it

grow well and be safe