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A premium grow guide

Check out cronic reviews premium ebook grow guide. Just chatting with the guy for a few mins here and there made me want a copy.the guy grows killer smoke and has answers to things I now pass on to pros myself. Definitely a good resource for even the well the explanations I get from him when we chat, chewable and digestible info that will stick with you;)


Here’s a link if your as interested as I am




Thanks for sharing @hoppiefrog . You can never know too much and a good review from you has me sold. Damn good price too.


I’m not sure but the price may still be cut in half atm for a promotion, not sure when it ends if it’s still going tho.

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thanks so much for the info if U say its good I know its gotta be a good read. I am sure I will learn alot

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I learn everytime I chat w the guy he knows his stuff for sure.

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Hopp do you know if it covers Hydro? It looks like soil or coco only ?

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I haven’t read the whole thing yet just had the opportunity to get about a dozen solid tips from his book and found his explanations to be the most graspable I have heard to date

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I’m gonna go ahead and get it. Sure can’t hurt, wish it came in hardcopy…oh well.

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Ya its becoming rare to print things now a days it seems

Right on folks I hear the 100 half priced books are moving fast so don’t miss out on the great price break it won’t last long now.

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