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A Short History of Ethan B Kayes

Dear, my great friends at the Growers Network.

I think we may have gotten off to a bad start. My full name is Ethan Barry Kayes, you may find some things of professional nature under ebkayes, maybe if you are good. Please use a private background check service. I am also very happy to sign a NDA, please use an type that expires after 24 months less after the date of the NDA signature. I feel that there are no secret in horticulture. If some tells you they have a special growth product. I suggest you run the other way. You may or may not understand, why I am retired. It was both a choice and forced on me. I would have loved to continued working full time {I loved, my job, I got to read what I wanted about 1/3 of my time each year of the following, I got to play with and use some really expensive toys (AON/Hewitt owned one of everything), plus some very large project management time. If I was on a “tool” project, they where all CMM5) and write specialty computer languages and tools,} for the last ? years. I don’t actually know. That is part of a the why, I don’t work for money. I have an early type of dementia, in the family of LOTS. It is a genetic disease, found in Jews of Ashkenazi ancestry of both parents, where at least one parent is a carrier. Look up the full blown form, is called Tay-Sachs. It is 100% fatal in the first three years of life. This is a disease of inbreeding or a called a genetic constriction. Ashkenazi Jews are a genetic constriction, just like Creole French Canadians and today happing in Iceland, try not marring a blood relation. There are also a who lot of other groups who in there past have suffered a populations isolation I can give a very good lecture on population genetics. I find that funny, but I don’t remember the name of the restaurant I at lunch with my wife, today, hum. It is the nature of this disease.

Also, I am also a really bad speller. I am dyslexic. You might look there if you want to Google bomb me. I don’t know if any work there is available. I was a named test subject for a project at Yale for some base line testing of an adult function as a dyslexic. It was a pleasure, nice husband wife team. The published the book the Dyslexic Advantage, Yale press, good book. A must read if you have the label dyslexic or you are the parent of a Dyslexic child. I think I am luck to be Dyslexic. My son, has a mixed form of dyslexia a hybrid of my wife’s ancestry and mine. My father was had dyslexia and did his father, could this be genetic? Smile.

Now to business, I do not work for money. I am not reliable enough. I do volunteer my time to Floricultural business, Cannabis is particulate, because of the cutting edge industry. Floriculture, is not much a cutting edge industry, it is one of the things I do not like about Floriculture. I love Floriculture, this is what I went to University for, but I also have a love of hard biological science. My father said if I loved Horticulture so much he was ok, with my choice. He made two requests, one Hard Sciences, and two a minor degree is a field not related to the hard sciences or plants. I picked Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology and Computer Science as my minor and minor emphasis in school and how I could integrate these disciplines. Remember this is 1982. The IBM PC does not exist yet! More than this is publicly available. I am a member of the “Kayes Family Truest and Endowments” This is a private charitable trust, you can see some of the all the publicly required filings. You just cant tell what is held in trust. You can tell by reverse calculation of the about given and reported at an average donation of 4% returns, you get close enough. Fedelity Investment is the trust administrator, but not representative on the board of directors, Just family, and our family lawyer and law firm is the recorder and representative of the 3 deceased members of the current eligible generations. Want that first great great grand child. You will also see the foundation is self funded, no outside money is accepted. The foundation has existed since 1895 in the United States. It had a different name and has since split into for different family lines. You could figure what the charities are if you know any serious genealogists.

Other than that you can check me in any way your like. Most of my IT work is difficult to find but, if you look on linkedin they will tell you what they can under their NDA’s that we all have in effect with the Government. I privately still have one corporate NDA actively going, IBM. They have a great loophole in there NDA. They offer in-house pre publications research papers from the by IBM fellows and research center. They do some cool things. I like to read. NDA active. I will not sign one of those ever again. I have lots of work with IBM that I would like to publish before I die. Some I can publish and it is my intent to do so.

Part of my truest requires me in retirement to volunteer in any area I choose, but I must volunteer a minimum of 10 hour a week, unless health restrictions. This is a requirement. I feel if I can make a contribution in the two areas I know the most about Horticulture and Computer Science together in the new cannabis sector. I am going to donate time to cannabis. I can give a lot.

Yes, My life expectancy is shorter. But, we think I may have ten years of functional time for sharing what I have learned in my life with others. I am paying back what was paid forward to me in my development. I am not sure I would have hired me before I was 30. Some company did. I did not become a mature worker until my wife got pregnant for the first time.

I have no regrets in my life. I am trying to be more functional, in my everyday life. As some of you know I go to physical and occupational therapy every week of the semester as a volunteer patent. I get good PT and OT plus I get volunteer hours. My personal background makes me a good subject. I also take in the summer, when the student are doing there thing. I take all the OT and PT that my insurance covers. About 2 months at 2 times a week, I also have speech therapy in the summer. I have to work on my speech. It is greatly improved, but I consented must work on it. I have an aphasia at times, it just neurological and part of my dyslexic brain showing through, because of LOTS. So I get a tune up each year. You may also know I have standing appointments ever Wednesday morning except vacation and holidays.

I do have one regret, I wished I have finished a PhD. Purely, selfish, intellectual reasons. I want in write some uses of queuing theory, relational math and standard accounting practices to demonstrate the ability to cost account a glasshouse operation to the square foot week, in a single monograph. Just want to show the mathematical relationships and requirements of each of system to generate real time results. How you use my knowledge, I don’t care as long as you don’t take credit for it. I want to leave the world better than I found it.

As you may our may not know, I ask for one pair of socks from each business, I do business with or individuals. I even wave the sock fee for those whom, it may be a financial burden. By the way, I like funny, inappropriate socks. They don’t even have to match. I take a regular in US or a EU men’s 42 wide. I use to ask for tee-shirts, but since of have started having to wear overalls, instead of pants. No one can read my really funny shirts! My favorite shirt reads “If life gives you Melons” you may be dyslexic.’’ Need them as socks.

Also, I DO NOT want your pity. I am fine no one get out of this life alive. I am luck. I have gotten to do the things I love with the people I love and that is amazing. I would not change a thing.

Oh someone asked me who would I want to have dinner with? I would Pick Richard Feynman.

Ask me some times what people have I see give a lecture. Because its not meeting them that’s important. It is listening to there ideas. I have known 4 Nobel prize winners and I have have a first cousin who is married to a retired astronaut. :sunglasses:

Go see who I am. It is fun. And no i will not fund your next project.

Thank you for your time.

Warm Regards

From the voices in my head

Ethan B. Kayes.

cc @Hunter, @Farmer_Dan, @FarmerK, @tom4, @growernick, @fdousty, @eyal, @microbial_farmer, @neville , @MK3_Pharms and big @nick


Dear Mr Kayes,
We (The GN FAMILY) are blessed to have you here. Probally the largest wealth of knowledge on this site comes from you. I am saddend by the restrictions life has handed you. Please know if ever you need someone to talk to. MY DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN to YOU.
I do believe paths cross for a reason. What journeys will we endevore upon. How many beautiful flowers shall we smell? I try hard to keep up with you. You are a treasure. My only hope is that you are appreciated in your own time. Nothing worse then going un noticed. As someone who has hidden in the shadows most of thier life. I can say with one hundred percent confidence. We need you to shine. Here and Now.

Stay strong brother, the ride is just begining.



I want to say. You are the embodyment of the horse to water saying. Where in you are the water. No matter how hard you try. They wont drink. Please note, not all horses are created equal. Some are jackasses. Not speaking of anyone in particular. Just my opinion. It comes from a person who is unappolgetic, and always speaks what i feel is right. Whether im right or wrong, In THIS life i tried. I suppose its all we really can do. just keep going.


I look forward to meeting you in Seattle… good friends and associates come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and abilities… we all have our niche.
I very much appreciate you insight and support as a new member of GrowNet. Your comments and suggestions on how to get the word out about our new product has been invaluable.

Tom Johnston
Key Solutions Group


Hi Ethan,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am glad to hear that you have enjoyed your life and have no regret. I also thank you for your continuous support of the members and your comments on discussions. Your prospective on raised subjects is unique and opens up new aspects in my mind, which is great.



Ethan, I’m humble to be here and so glad to have met you leaning so much. I’m bad speller and can’t remember names see my Dad with dementia to. Thank you. Kyle M


I couldnt say it better. You too, aswell as all of us have contributions to make, have made, will continue to make. Every one of us GN members(family) Are soooo valuable. Hopefully the members who have been holding back. Will come out and join us.


Thank you.


Ethan, happy you are here. I know you visit Alaska occasionally and when you find yourself here next, please drop in and say hi.