A small grow to start with

Heres my current mothers lol.

I like to keep the plants small so i run the light wayyyy down low. And close as i can to the plants top as possible.


Im liking the structure on these king kong amnesia lemons and the Red dragon x king kongs. You can definitely see they have very large stems. There are lower shoots all the way up to the other shoots like a little shoot canopy.


Im officially on VACATION as of this morning.

Yeah man going to this 5hr! Rock concert series and the state fair!

I missed disturbed when they came here i had to work.
Then i get to install this big ass battery back into my camping rig!

I got it out by myself using a gorilla cart and a floor Jack and a 2x4" to prop the battery on an angle to get it up into the battery cage i had custom made just for auxiliary deep cell function. It runs my entire solar and inverter and charging system on the truck. I have the main alternator and charge sytems linked together but they function independently when operated.

Having a huge 9" lift makes getting this battery serviced a real pai! Its lasted 8yrs so far.


@PreyBird1 Have fun!!!


Whats the difference in using the white grow bags you use as opposed to the black or whatever color cloth /fabric pots?


The drainage is completely different I tryed them an not that I don’t like them I just the fabric pots personally for me get a little better airflow but this is again more personal preference


Yes your correct about them air flow @ i like the bags because they dont have the airflow and the pots dry slower than the air pots do. And im away for 11 hrs a day and the heat dries the plants out wayyy to fast so i switched because its easier for me. Trust me i have like 250 cloth pots 25 air pots And like 500 grow bags and lots and lots of pots, domes, seed starting stuff lol. I could set up a small grow supply store in my house i have so much grow inventory. Im an over doer here and im always tweaking things and making things better.


The bathroom amenities lol! Had this for 10yrs and its still kicken ass!

And were there not even 2 hours and my wife drops my favorite sherlock pipe trying to take a selfie! man i was pretty mad but then i had to think of something to use to smoke weed in quick. I did have a mcdonalds straw and an old push in cigarette lighter and i have dropped shake on it and used a straw to inhale the smoke but 2 days of that yeah right! I had a soda can and thought of a can pipe ewww! I walked around the campsite and found a 22-250 rifle casing and i noticed some old corn on the cobs from long ago had been discarded on the camp ground.

I used my sharp gerber survivalist axe. And cored the center of the cob out. Then i took the spent shell casing and filed it on a rock until i got the primer to come out.

I found a nice flat Rock and got some speed up on the filing and literally burned my thumb i got the casing so hot.

Then i used the cirle edge of the shell casing to cut into the corn cob by twisting it back and forth like a drill. It gave me a nice tight seal from the casing to the cobb bowl. Then i got me some pine sap/gum one drop is all you need and i was in a pine forest :man_shrugging:

I couldn’t decide on a rock scree or a pice of glass screen and i ultimately unded up having some scissors in tje truck and cut a round screen and used the axe pick to poke tine holes in it.

And this is what i smoked out of the whole time i was camping!


Now that’s what i call roughing it and thinking outside the box! Lol


Adapt and overcome!


Thats awesome man


Man this lavender x candy rains throwing some purples in there.


Damn plants are growing too fast and hitting my lights and burning when im at work. Damn and the wife said she checked them…I call BS! But im trying not to upset her about not checking shit when im at work for 11hrs a day!

I had to move this plant. And she got upset i was using the closet. And i said well if you had checked them like you said you did then i wouldnt have to do this! I mean the burns prove you didnt check shit.


This is an ak48 clone.

Heres an update on the king kong x red dragon and the king kong x amnesia lemon.


Well after thinking about it. I got a new proto pipe! I had one in highschool the cops got it when i was 17. That

was back 1997. Damn classic pipe right there! Indestructible. I opted for the classic hybrid lol. It has a little knurled piece on the flower chamber.


So you draw where the black thing is? The long round cylinder that knurled is flower storage? The other little rod next to your pinky is for cleaning?…:man_shrugging:
Very cool little pipe either way. :+1:t3::+1:t3::v:t3:


Yes the tar trap is under the bowl. Pulling the cleaning rod out releases the flower chamber. And the bottom of the bowl.

Super classic pipe man! Bring back all the memories ha!


Oh you sneaky thrip gotcha!

IIve been working a lot and a couple times these plants hit the lights. So dont judge the burned fan leaves. Seems like they just stayed burned and never decided to keep growing green. Its kind of odd and ive been plucking them off here and there but there almost finished so im just letting them go.


@PreyBird1 during my first run of Monkey Slaps I had family drama for a couple of weeks. When I was finally able to spend some time with her she was eating my light. She put up a fight but I was able to get it back.


Lol my hydros doing that. I dont even want to post it because the stretch was 40%-60% we had a 90% stretch! So for perspective im 6’2" tall my lights at 8 feet. The plants are on 4" platform.

These are over my head past the light 3x! Burned by the light and supercropped 5 times. I learned my lesson this time. I must have the trellis up and i shouldnt have been lazy and added some rope loops so i could still have used the trelis i suck man! I have to do a better job with this but the wife doesnt want help as much. So i work 60 hrs a week fix cars and sell them in my spare time lol spare time. Im remodeling my house, dealing with my huge vegetable garden and i just dont have time! I need to jump in the cloner and make an extra me! And im mowing the neighbors lawn next to me for a total of .65 acres! If Im really fast i can do it in 1:36hrs. If i go at the usual pace its 2hrs. And the trick is to edge first, then mow all the edges and around trees and weird curves, then use the riding mower to do the bulk of the mowing. No bagging anything trim and mulch. And i have 15 fruit trees so im super insanely busy. And im trying to learn Spanish as well. Yep im just a maniac! I get up at 4am and get at it!