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About the Advanced Nutrients category

This category is for Advanced Nutrients and their members to discuss information, updates and topics regarding their application.

We have Chris ( @chris007 ) with us representing their company! Feel free to @ tag him in your questions to alert him!

Advanced Nutrients is an international marketer and manufacturer of agricultural, home & garden, hydroponics fertilizers and cannabis nutrients. As experts in cannabis nutrition and soil science, our team of PHD scientists has manufactured the finest line of organic fertilizers and soil conditioning agents that improve plant nutrient uptake, organic beneficial bacteria’s that restore the natural balance of soil, and rooting and flowering formulas that will never harm the environment.

Advanced Nutrients mission is to make the world passionate about growing cannabis.

The plants you grow have special needs. Through rigorous testing, Advanced Nutrients became the first to discover these unique needs. And we’ve designed products that give your crops exactly what they need when they need it. That’s because no other company works as hard for you as we do.

We use the best source materials and manufacturing processes, which means you get stronger products that work better, cost less, last longer, and produce fantastic results.

We constantly upgrade our products whenever our team of scientists and testers discovers new information or materials that will make our products more beneficial to your plants. You’ll always get the most easily-absorbed, properly configured, quality-controlled products when you get Advanced Nutrients.

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