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The world needs green, low cost electricity. ArborWind’s patented PT180 and PT300 Wind Turbines meet those needs, and are an efficient, cost effective source of electricity.

Today, most power is generated at large fossil fuel, nuclear, or hydroelectric power plants. Then it is transmitted over long distances to consumers. But power losses in transmission, and capital costs to connect these plants to the grid, reduce the efficiency advantages of large power plants. But distributed power, where electricity is generated on site or at small local “plants” can fulfill many needs for today’s commercial users. Our green, cost-effective and efficient wind turbines fulfill this role of the small, distributed power plant.

ArborWind is a Michigan based wind turbine design, manufacturing, and distribution company ArborWind. It was started to improve on and deliver the conceptually superior Darrieus wind turbine design. DOE and others had tried for more than 30 years to resolve its design issues, mainly vibration and bearing load, to get it to market. We have solved these issues and are offering patented world class distributed wind products.

The modern design of our turbines fit well into any surrounding environment. The vertical axis design has several advantages over the traditional “propeller” style turbines including; omni-directional wind capture, more efficient motion translation, fewer and higher quality parts, extraordinary expected life of 30 years, greater energy production than other turbines and solar, secure remote-internet control, easy serviceability, low noise level at only 2 db above ambient, pedestrian safe with no ice or blade throw risk, smaller “urban friendly” footprint, modern aesthetics, redundant safety mechanisms, and, we are a US company offering the best warranty. We are truly excited about our turbines and their impact on world energy needs.

ArborWind turbines have excellent distributed application at most urban and suburban facilities. They make great business sense. The cost of electricity will almost double in 10 years. Producing and owning electricity will insulate businesses from utility increases and allow them to pocket the major savings. Upon demonstrated interest, we can do a cursory wind study on a business area to estimate energy production and savings potential. Our turbines are a great fit for grow and supplier operations. Please view our site, brochure, and available information. Contact me with questions and next steps. Thank you.

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