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We are a designer and manufacturer of innovative watering systems, run by a team with over 25 years experience in commercial horticulture. AutoPot Global Ltd manufacture and wholesale irrigation solutions for commercial and domestic growers in over 40 countries.

We manufacture a range of watering systems which are all based around our AQUAvalve; a piece of mechanical technology that regulates the amount of water and nutrient delivered to the crop. Plants irrigated using an AQUAvalve feed on demand, they are never left waiting for a grower to water them or a timer to operate an irrigation pump. We term this ‘plant controlled irrigation’. A plant that can feed whenever it has a requirement will grow faster and yield more.

AutoPot offer an innovative solution for growers looking to irrigate their plants in an environmentally sustainable way as our systems not only operate without electricity, but they also operate without wasting a single drop of water. Side by side trials with traditional irrigation techniques, conducted by commercial growers, revealed that savings of 50% of total water and nutrient consumption are achievable. All without compromising yield.

AutoPot Watering Systems are simple to install and are modular, so can be used in a small domestic setting or up-scaled to acres of glasshouse growing space.

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