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BioNatural Blooming Blossoms is the sole distributor of organic nutrients for North and South America. We offer non-toxic, non-hazardous, and environment friendly cutting edge bio-fertilizers, with a variety of natural strains of Azotobacter (Nitrogen fixing bacteria). Our products are backed by decades of extensive research.

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The sole distributor of organic nutrients for north and south america ? WOW !
Your company must be a huge corporation and quite a monopoly !
I didn’t know only one company made organic fertilizers.
Oh, by the way all organic mixes have azotobacter present unless sterilized !
Be careful of your claims of ‘uniqueness’ your marketing department needs to take a soil health class.


We are the sole distributer or BioNatural Organic products since we do a lot of private labeling as well. Our products are unique since they are the only product to our knowledge that contain live microbes in a dormant form. They only activate once the bottle is opened and the microbes get in contact with oxygen.

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