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About the CannMed category


About the CannMed Category:

Gathering the Greatest Minds in Cannabis

CannMed 2018 is a gathering of the greatest minds in medical cannabis, where they will further the convergence of medical cannabis research, treatment, and product development.

The world’s top medical cannabis researchers will present their latest findings with regards to the efficacy of treating a variety of conditions with cannabis, including epilepsy, pain, traumatic brain injury, cancer, autism, and more. Physicians and clinicians will also share compelling case studies and clinical pearls they have collected through their experience treating patients with cannabis. Laboratory professionals will also share their revolutionary technologies when it comes to cannabinoid and terpenoid extraction, delivery methods, and quality and safety testing.

Presentation Topics Include:

-Treating Cancer with Cannabis
-Treating Neurological Disorders with Cannabis
-Treating Inflammatory Disorders with Cannabis
-Applying Cryptocurrency Technology to the Cannabis Industry
-Developments in Molecular Science and Genetics
-Cannabis Safety Testing Techniques
-Innovations in Cultivation, Processing, and Product Development

New for 2018:

New Location. UCLA Luskin Conference Center in Los Angeles, CA
-Expanded Exhibit Hall (19,000 sq ft.)
-31 Oral Presentations and 6 Expert Panel Discussions
-1,500 Scientists, Clinicians, and Business Leaders
-Sponsored Breakout Sessions
-Pre-conference CME Course

For more info or to join CannMed reach out to @BenMGC
Check out the website at
Also be sure check out Medicinal Genomics