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About the Canopy Crawler category


This category is for Groficient Solutions to post news and answer questions about their product. We have @CanopyCrawler on the community available to help you out. Feel free to @ tag them in your questions to alert them.

It’s all in our name, Groficient Solutions. Our team is made up of master growers and engineers based in California that hold a common passion about operating efficiency and developing solutions to some of the most common problems in the garden. For example our flag-ship product, the Canopy Crawler™, is built by growers for growers, designed to train a variety of plants underneath a rigid screen. Our mission is helping growers (personal and commercial) maximize their grow space and increase flowering yields, while reducing work-time and plant count… Not to mention the added accessibility!

Groficient Solutions provides more than just a product. We offer grow advice, tips, and help in achieving your growing goals!

Contact info:
(530) 285-0577

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Heres a video to explain more:

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