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Soil Balance Pro is a 62 proprietary strain microbe tea concentrate which helps plants “communicate” with many of the familiar microbe partners that they co-evolved with in nature. The microbial combination in Soil Balance Pro specifically pushes the plant to produce more oils, absorb more nutrients and enhance terpene profiles allowing the plant to grow to its genetic potential. Soil Balance Pro is the future of quality is plant probiotics .

  • 1 gram of Soil Balance Pro has 6.1 trillion beneficial microbes
  • 1 gram of Soil Balance Pro = 12,200 gallons of compost tea
  • Proven to increase root trigger pressure and vigor
  • 48 hours to complete root colonization with a microbial biofilm
  • An OMRI organic certified product
  • Used in open field, green house and hydroponics

Would you like to increase your CBD content using Hemp specific microbes?

Do you want to simplify the products you use from Clone to Flower?

Do you want to increase Cannabinoids an aggregate average of 30%?

Do you want to increase Terpenes 25- 100%?

Do you marijuana growers want to increase THC by 5-30%?

Do you want to increase your ROI?

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