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I was expressing to my dad that I was tired of the inexpensive mass produced marijuana leaves that everyone was starting to wear. I wanted something much nicer. I had looked for other jewelry lines, but there just wasn’t anything made with high quality metals, or real craftsmanship. I wanted something that combines meticulous hand-assembly with the most advanced technology available to ensure the jewelry was both beautiful and built to last. We needed something that demonstrated times are changing and that it isn’t all about pot culture. It is about giving people a choice.

Well, my dad sure fixed that. He presented me with this AMAZING objet d’art.

Artistic excellence was the first thing that came to me when I saw what he had made–an absolutely stunning 18kt white gold cannabis leaf paved with 2.50ct brilliant diamonds.Of course, tears came and I couldn’t believe it. It truly was breathtaking and made an incredible statement. The leaf has become much more than a piece of fine jewelry. Like all great art, it is a conversation piece that people want to discuss and admire. I am constantly asked about it. Whether people are in favor of marijuana or not, they still are interested to hear and learn more about it.

This is our Father-Daughter collection, the GENIFER M signature collection. Be empowered. Start the conversation.

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