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About the Gro-Tech Systems category


This category is for Gro-Tech Systems to post news and answer questions about their services. We have @Alex_Gro-Tech on the community available to help you out. Feel free to @ tag them in your questions to alert them.

From manufacturing to construction to consulting, we genuinely care about all of your needs. Our humble beginnings and hard work ethic are represented in everything Gro-Tech - from the stability and reliability of our greenhouses to the contractors and service you receive.

We are confident and competent in our knowledge of environmental control (CSLB HVAC License: #997092). Our team has a combined total of 100 years of construction and HVAC experience – which is why we truly understand all of the technical components that make a successful greenhouse. With our greenhouses, we ensure controlled environments enabling farmers to do what they do best: grow.

From the beginning, we’ve put a huge emphasis on original design and building our greenhouses. We understand that, in order to be a true pioneer in this industry, you must do everything in-house this is why we have our manufacturing facility and our offices all in Grass Valley, California.

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