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About the Iluminar 1000w Controllable DE HPS Light category

Hello! We’re running another light test on the Growers Network Product Test Lab. This test is open to residents of the continental US only. Testing requires weekly updates/posts. Instructions on how and where to post updates will be included here after testers have been selected.

We have 4 units available for testing. You can check out the Iluminar 1000w Controllable DE HPS Light here

If you’ve already applied to our test lab, you are already eligible for consideration. If you have not yet applied, click the button below, answer a few questions, and you’ll be added to our pool of eligible testers.


  • Resident of the continental US
  • Must commit to post weekly updates through the duration of test
  • Must let us know whether you need 120v or 240v

Click below to apply to the GN test lab! Testers will be chosen randomly from our pool of applicants.

You can check out more equipment here!


I’m about to pick up a second flower tent. That would be perfect to flip my Mammoth P test into. Am I still elegible with an on going test?

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Just germinated some seeds yesterday! This would be perfect!!

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