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About the Integra by Desiccare category

This category is for Integra to post news and answer questions about their products. We have @Integra on the community available to help you out. Feel free to @ tag her in your questions to alert her.

Integra® by Desiccare manufactures a complete line of humidity control products for the cannabis industry, food industry, electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, military, and government. Desiccare was founded in 1994 and Integra was launched in 2015. Whether you’re drying, curing, storing, or preserving edibles, Integra has the solution to keep the freshness, potency, taste, and overall quality of your product.

Don’t risk losing your perfect harvest to mold or from drying out? Adaptive 2-WAY Humidity Regulators by Integra, which absorb excess moisture when humidity is too high and release it again when RH is too low. Integra Boost is patented, comes in 55%RH and 62%RH and every packs includes Humidity Indicator Cards that react to humidity levels for Hands-Free Monitoring.​

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