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About the Lifetime Lighting category


Lifetime Lighting is pleased to introduce the SuperNova II JWR LED indoor grow light targeted as the ultimate lighting solution for the commercial vertical cannabis growing operations and the personal cannabis grower. The super energy efficient 216 watt SuperNova II JWR is the only grow light featuring the patented and proprietary Total Grow® LED Solid State Volumetric Light (SSVL) technology and Adjustable Light Angle Capability (ALAC).

LTL design products and set goals with SMART principles in mind:
Situational Awareness: Every fixture is designed with application specificity in mind. The broad band light spectrum is tuned for exceptional and excellent Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) for veg and bloom phases.
Material: Only the best grade of material used. Material made to go outside with passive thermal management.
Attachment System: Light weight with Adjustable Light Angle Capability (ALAC) ±40° .
Repairable: Sensibly engineered with passive cooling for reliability and maintenance avoidance.
Transformation: The ability to have one fixture for veg and bloom grow phases. One Light “From Seed to Shelf”.