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Ok growing Guru’s! I have a question about harvest times. I’ll just lay the actual scenario out and see where this goes.

I’m currently just starting week 8 of flower, as of yesterday, and through inspection with a microscope I’ve noticed that my trich’s are about 30% amber (when looking at a given sample size). To my knowledge, that’s indication that they’re ready to be harvested, if not a little overdue. So here’s my confusion. During my 8th week, it still calls for a few more nutrient feeds before I begin my flushing process next week. If it’s time to harvest now, do I just forgo the last week of feeding and just start the flush process now?

In a different scenario, lets say at the beginning of week 17 they are ready, instead? Would I take the same approach and just start flushing as soon as I see they are ready? Thanks in advanced gang!
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@tax It has everything to do with the plants. Some might be ready in 8 weeks like yours, others might need 10 weeks or more. Harvest when ripe. The feeding schedule provided by the nutrient manufacturers are a best guess, or general statement. What you need for your plants in your environment will differ.
If you run the same genetics often enough you can develop a standard for what your feeding and harvesting schedules look like for each different strain.


Thanks!! So more importantly, I guess what I’m wondering is, say for instance, I have a new strain and upon checking the trichomes in week 16 I find that the plant is ready to harvest. I can just fast forward to flushing the plant, aborting the remaining weeks of feeding, correct?

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Yes, that’s totally ok. You might need to adjust your feed schedule next time to get your bloom enhancers in earlier during the crop growth. Knowing the harvest time after switching to flower is very important.


Perfect!! That is exactly what I was wondering! My concern is that cutting them short without finishing the remaining weeks will leave them without some essentials that they should have or need. I’ll make sure to keep an eye on that. Another lesson learned. As always, thank you, my friend!