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Royal Knight AG is a science based educational consulting company providing cutting edge agricultural support. RKAG works hand in hand with farmers using our exclusive OMRI listed products along with our other eco-friendly environmentally responsible materials. Our consult, methods and carbon based products help farmers sustain quality crops year after year. Also supplying the best in animal bedding with our OMRI Certified COCO Fiber.

We custom make EXCLUSIVE Nutrients Private label
Supply and partners with GAPS COCO COIR OMRI COMPOST

As well stay connected and help work with and educate cannabis industry.
#RKAG #growlikeapro consultants the FLOWER HEADZ squad can service members/ growers at home and permitted operations with top of the line cultivation solutions

EDUCATE consumers about new #organic technologies that help grow plants efficiently by using micronized organic based materials.

CONSULT on any grow operation. Staff and consult on properties and grow operation of all kinds. On a tier 4 legal permitted grow in Holyoake , Mass. and working with organic growers of cannabis, fruits, turf grass and plants.

Broker the end user the organic supplies to help grow the plants effectively once educated on the new organic materials.