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man ive been trying to be a seed swapper my whole life pretty much. I have around 10 different strains at the moment. I think i won this auction on SoaknBeans for a handful of CHERRY PIE KUSH X CHERRY PIE KUSH X GREATFUL BREATH OR MENDOBREATH i think. because the strain name is CHERRY PIE KUSH BREATH. how about any of ya’ll, im brand brand new to the GC seed swapping scene, put me on to the dos and donts. Then tell me how to find that original CHerry Pie Kush from the BAY back in the later 2000s. It may have been backed into a seed by now but ive heard of cuts of the real deal going for thousands online. Overnighted in some special container to keep the cuttings or rooted clone moist and on point till it gets to you. Anyway, someone tell me something…im from Detroit. Anyone else 313 on here?

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