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About the Trym category

This category is for Trym to post news and answer questions about their services. We have @MattM and @Karen-TRYM on the community available to help you out. Feel free to @ tag them in your questions to alert them.

Trym builds cannabis farm management software for commercial cannabis growers. Our system helps cultivation teams improve efficiency and stay consistent with task & workflow management, environmental monitoring, batch management, and compliance reporting. Trym is one smart system to manage your growing operations.

Trym was founded by three passionate individuals with a mutual love of cannabis and the cannabis community. Drawing from their experience in creating technology products that improve operational efficiency and solve real problems, we found that the best way to support the advancement of the cannabis industry is through practical software to help cultivators optimize their businesses. Basically, we :green_heart: growers and want to support them in growing the best cannabis that they can.

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^ Matt’s a great guy with a vision and heartfelt concern for the environment.

His company TRYM is a reflection of exactly that.

Happy to have you in Growers Network!


The Trym team cheesing at last month’s CannaGrow Expo in Palm Springs :grinning:

We’re thrilled to be dusting off the booth for the INDO EXPO in Portland later this Summer!


Big News!! We’re launching our mobile app at the INDO EXPO in Portland in two weeks!! We’ve been working tirelessly on our product and can’t wait to share it with the community! If you’re attending come say Hi :wave:
in booth #538