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About the URB Organic category

This category is for URB Organic to post news and answer questions about their products. We have @urborganic on the community available to help you out. Feel free to @ tag him in your questions to alert him.

URB is a patent pending, poly-microbial formulation of naturally occurring soil microbes in a unique and unprecedented combination and concentration. It does not contain chemicals, GMO’s, or synthetic growth hormones. Our microbes are suspended in a 12% humic acid carrier, concentrated at over 1 trillion microbes per ml, and stabilized at a pH of 7.0. As national legalization approaches the population will need more cannabis and more importantly higher quality cannabis, grown without reliance on unsustainable inputs, at a reasonable cost, without further damaging the environment. To some, a solution seems highly improbable. We know Big Brother will see the need for more new technologies which will fundamentally change our Cannabis– Genetically Modified (GM) seeds, and heavier reliance and greater adoption of fertilizer and pesticides regimes.

I will not address these technologies or ideas; however, as URB believes, sometimes a step backwards is progress. URB believes significant improvements – higher yield, dramatically reduced inputs and alleviation of environmental damage – can be made to existing farms and farming methods with the use of its award winning product… URB can increase Cannabis yields by 20-40%, reduce or eliminate fertilizer, and allow crops to grow with reduced water and pesticide usage. Additional benefits include higher cannabinoid levels, bio remediation of the water and soil, and perhaps most importantly, greater profits to farmers.

URB realizes the benefits sound “too good to be true,” however; there is ample documentation from credible third parties to attest to the veracity of these benefit claims. URB products have been successfully used throughout the United States and in over 40 countries around the world. Perhaps most importantly, almost all end users who have used the product continue to re-order.

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