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This category is for VividGro to post news and answer questions about their product. We have @VividGro available to help you out. Feel free to @ tag him in your questions to alert him.

VividGro® is a professional manufacturer of quality, high-performance LED grow lighting solutions. Our lights are ideal for commercial growers, cannabis cultivators and residential growers worldwide. VividGro LED grow lights can be found in some of the most prestigious addresses in the world, including use by scientists for the International Space Station and the U.S. Research Station in Antarctica, to assist their teams in growing food and plants in inhabitable climates. Some of the largest cannabis cultivators in the U.S. trust VividGro’s LED grow lights with their valued crops in all stages of growth, including flower, clone and veg.

Our knowledgeable VividGro® team is expertly trained to assist you in all your LED growing endeavors. They are highly skilled in assisting in creating custom grow solutions for your facility to navigating the details of nationwide rebate programs. We are here to help every step of the way.

We are confident our lights will benefit your yields, the quality of your plants, and your energy bill.

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