Ac infinity fan

I have the ac infinity t6 fan with controller. Im trying to figure out if it is possible to set it to run at #1 speed constant or every so often for a few seconds and also have it work to vent at higher speeds when it gets too hot in the grow space?? All I can figure out is how to get it to do each not both tasks. Thanks in advance for any help!

Yes you said it to speed one and then you set your high temperature to whatever temperature you want it to pop on and then you make sure that the alarm setting is on. When it gets to that temperature it will start beeping and it should go up to 10 until it cools down. Chances are though if you’re running enough heat it’ll keep going on so you want to try to set it to a number that’s functional to the room


I have mine set at speed 8 and then when it goes above 82 it will go to 10 until it cools down


@chefjonnyg thank You! Exactly the info I needed!

You can also run it constant at #1 without messing with the settings period (default), press the furthest left button 10 times, that will be in the “on mode” then you can change the speed the normal way. It will run constant. I run mine on #1 most times, if I know I have to open the tent within 10-15 min, I crank her up to #4, that helps with the wall of smell I love but the wife hates ;), If I want to piss off the old lady for no reason, I turn it off :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


When looking at the infinity the t or s model (?) are people preferring the digital one over the dial?

I personally like the digital display as a monitor

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Wish i knew about this earlier! Will be playing around with some settings tonight. thanks guys!