Accidentally used bloom fertiliser in veg stage

Hey. So I’m in the middle of veg stage. Plant is gorgeous but… I realise instead of feeding it the grow fertiliser I’ve accidentally been giving it bloom… plant is mad bushY not so tall… anyways it’s been about 2 weeks I been using grow fertiliser now… basically have I messed up the plant? Or can it recover …

It’s Feminised Gorilla girl.
Started the germination from 14th September … look at photos and give me advise please !! Thanks

I’ve topped it once, I’ve cleaned some lower leaves off and am going to start tying it down as I’d like to low stress train it… not sure if I’ve left it a bit late?
Let me know guys cheers this is my first grow by the way

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You’ll be just fine. You can swap back over to your veg nutes but be sure you’re giving the plants the same strength and pH so you don’t shock them. Usually bloom ferts don’t have as much calcium, so make sure they’re getting that ASAP.
How much space is that one plant supposed to fill up? If you’ve got the time, you can train it to fill the whole space. I like to top every 3 nodes (sets of fan leaves) in the first 3 weeks if veg. I will continually train to get the plants to fill the space by tying them down under a trellis.
I don’t like to trim any of the leaves during veg, but there are others on here who do things differently.
If I were you I’d make a list or calendar of all the different kinds of training or pruning you could do and try out a couple each grow to see that you like.


Thanks! Defo going to work on techniques in future… so I’ve got it in one of those cupboard size tents I believe to be 120cm H x 40cm W x 40cm D. I have a kingbo 300w light and the plant is in a 5 gallon pot… any recommendations?


Check something like leafly or the info from the seedbank you got your girl from to find out how much she’ll stretch. Usually they’ll double, some could triple, in height when switched to flower. 120cm isn’t a lot of height, so training and timing are important.


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Just go back to veg nutes… these plants are beyond hardy…lol…


@annagc21 I agree with everyone else. Just switch back. You’ll be ok

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Cheers everyone really appreciate the advice. My girl seems to be responding well to the change. Thank goodness :sweat_smile:

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