Accidently mixed auto & photo seeds at germination - using Advanced Nutrients - Help

Hey community,

I accidently made a cardinal mistake and mixed my auto with photo seeds at germination and now I don´t know how to proceed with feeding.
Since it´s my first time using NA, I don´t realy know how the plants will react if I lower the ammount of nutes for photos and slightly increase it for autos.
Has anybodys expirienced such clusterfucks or is it just me?

Thank you in advance for your help. :slight_smile:



I run Advanced religiously and run photos and Autos together. Everything is fine. If you just planted depending on soil you have about 2 weeks before you need to start nutes. When you do start at about 4 mils to a gallon. Then slowly work your way up to 8 mils per gallon. Doesn’t matter photo or Auto. I water every time with nutes never straight water till flush once I Start. Just watch your leaf tips they will tell if it’s to much. Again this is just my way. Everyone has there own way but this works for me every time. No PH or PPM meter needed.


Hey Automatik,

A stone just fell of my chest! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the tipp! <3

P.S. preeeety nice cola! :))


Welcome to the Forum! Were glad your here. Make a grow journal of your progress. We’d love to see and follow along. @automatik is correct and feeding them shouldn’t be a problem at all.


And if you read your AN bottles, you will notice that what @automatik just reccommended is 1/4 of what AN tells you to use. I ran AN nutes for years. And like @automatik it didn’t matter if it was a auto or a photo, same strength.


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