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Acquisition Due DIligence Suite

This post has finally morphed into a semi-complete version of our Due Diligence Suite which has three intended uses:

  1. We use the checklists when performing acquisition due diligence as a service for a client, typically a financial buyer. We have linked knowledge base, etc for our internal use which is not available to the public.

  2. We are working out the pricing to make the checklists available to the public for "do it yourself due diligence.

  3. We use the checklists when we prepare license applications for clients.

Note: The supplements are targeted to California.

Due Diligence Suite

Business Due Diligence Checklist

Cultivation Supplement

Distribution Supplement

> Manufacturer Supplement

Retail Supplement

Owner Information Supplement


If anyone is curious feel free to kick the tires on these…feedback is really valuable.

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