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Adding Value - Free Presentations on Selecting a Grow Facility

I want to add value to an industry that has taken my Engineering Firm to another level. Anyone that is hosting a seminar, expo, etc, I am willing to offer my time for FREE to discuss how to select a facility for indoor cultivation, extraction, etc. Within reason of course…depending on the distance you may have to cover travel costs. So many of my clients deal with a lot of facility Engineering issues that could have been alleviated if I had got to them sooner! Here is my IG post expressing the same thoughts IG Post


I would just be interested in hearing your thoughts on space.

The biggest thing for me is wiring with future in mind.

I would also like to hear about advances in heated and cooled concrete flooring. What should the thermal thermal coefficient of the flooring be? Can we uses ice creation during off peek metering to store ice for remote cooling. Has the tech gotten far enough alone to adopt for growing.

I am seriously interested in the heated trough flooring that I am starting to hear about in Europe.

What are the options for scrubbing incoming and out going air.

Honeywell’s new line of modular industrial control panels are also beginning to look very interesting for Agra business. The price point beats any industry specific solution.


For future wiring, the easiest thing to do is either run extra conduit or increase the size of the conduits during buildout for expansion.

We don’t have experience regarding the heated and cooled concrete flooring. Please elaborate how you plan to use that in cultivation. Typically a 3rd party company that specializes in this would do the complete design and installation.

Typically we specify carbon filters for scrubbing the air.