Advertising on Instagram

my name is Guy Tarshish and i’m the owner of fimngro
i have an IG account with 33,000 followers and i’m promoting the cannabis industry as you can see on my feed

looking to collaborate with companies or people that want to inlarge their followers and expose the account to the industry
check it out @fimngro
thank you
contact me on
lets promote the industry together


Wow, you have very interesting account, on instagram there just few good quality accounts on this thread. Why do you have so few followers? I am also blogger and can tell you that to promote your page is very easy nowadays. There are a lot of ways, but the most useful is to buy instagram likes and comments. I can reccomend you really good instagram services which provide good quality likes for very reasonable rates. Hope, that I was helpful)

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I’ll bear your suggestion in mind. Thanks!

now is the time for promotion on social media


Yep, some people think that the more hashtags they add, the more people will see their photo/image. Sometimes this goes too far, as you mentioned above. People can hashtag the different things not related to photos, and this makes me really crazy. The good thing that you can do with this kind of people is report them, sometimes reporting will apply the shadowban, and Instagram will hide the photo from the publicity. Also, if you are looking to promote your Instagram , you use this service

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It looks like you joined just to advertise a IG bot service? Buying followers is NOT an honest way to represent yourself or your business and is a common tactic used by scammers to fake legitamacy. Buying followers is like paying for fake reviews not to mention it’s against IG rules and can get your account banned.


Hashtags can increase your exposure on IG a bit, I’ve definitely gotten interactions through them before. I mentioned a light company and leds and then a dozen light companies started to message me.

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