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Advice for new outdoor grow?

This is the advice I followed, but the germination container was so small, I should have waited until the roots were better established. I bet that’s why the direct sowed one is doing so much better. Never have to deal w antsy owner digging it up!


Ew, yeah I was early.


The Zkittlez I direct sowed continues to do well. I added some Dr Earth dry fertilizer as top dressing a week ago. I haven’t needed to water this one in a few weeks, since we’ve been having regular rain. I am happy that this one is doing ok, despite the super-late start. It’s being nibbled by all sorts of stuff, and I’m applying neem oil every couple of days. The new growth is faster than the bugs right now, thankfully.

This is the Zkittlez I just transplanted out of that large plastic pot. To be honest, it looks better already to me. Maybe I’m just being overly optimistic. Lol! I fed it half-doses of those liquid nutes a couple of times in the past week, always in the evening time.

Here is the sunset sherbet plant I removed from its small plastic pot and planted in the garden. In my opinion, the new growth seems healthy, and it’s putting on new leaves pretty quickly. I’ve given this one a couple half-doses of liquid nutes. Other than that, this one has not required any water because of the frequent rain. I added a little wire to keep it steady during a windy afternoon a few days ago. This one is another bright spot for me during my first attempt. It took me a couple tries to get this strain’s seeds to germinate successfully. This one took a full day in water and two more in a paper towel before it finally opened!

And this poor sour kush auto… I surely don’t know how to grow plants in pots. That is for certain. I am going to learn a lot as I set up my tent this weekend. It’s a 4x2. I bought a SF2000 and some basic ventilation stuff. I’m tentatively planning on starting in some FFOF in small plastic pots and then moving to five-gal fabric pots, eventually adding nutes, etc. as needed. I had considered super soil I wouldn’t need to amend, but I reckon that’s one fewer variable I’ll be able to control. Would welcome your thoughts on this, of course!

Right now, I’m very proud of the tomatoes and herbs in the garden. Even my little kids eat this stuff. :slight_smile:

Hope you all have a great Friday and weekend! Happy gardening!


I would not start off in straight ocean forest. That is a very hot soil. Maybe start off in a jiffy puck or some depleted potting soil, or some cocoa. Or some starter soil. It will work in Ocean Forest, but I don’t think I would do it. I have before and I wouldn’t recommend it. If you get some clear solo cups and some solid colored solo cups, cut a couple of the bottom edges off of the clear cups for drainage. Throw a small pebble in the bottom of the colored cup to raise a clear cup A bit off the bottom. What this does for you is as the plant grows you can raise up the clear cup and see your root development. Anyways that’s all I got on that. As far as your outdoor plants I have no idea why they are so light green. It sounds like you’re doing everything right, I don’t know. It acts like a nitrogen deficiency Kinda :man_shrugging:


The Zkittlez plant is doing well! Have given half-doses of nutrients along with a little water over the past few days, as we’ve not had rain.

The stem is really getting thicker. The neem oil seems to be working well, too. The plant is not sustaining much/any new pest damage these days. (Knock on wood!) Am really enjoying watching the fan leaves grow larger. Watching them not get gnawed on is gratifying.


direct sow seed is the best way in my opion no transplanting when growing in soil just add soil for the strectch in seedling.

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The plants are coming along, and I’m encouraged, despite some challenges.

The Sunset Sherbet I planted on 6/8 has recovered from its short time in the small pot. It seems to like being in the garden. The dust on leaves is BT. As you can see, I’m fighting caterpillars. Have them under control now, I think. I think you can also see some pistils in the close-up pic. Is that correct?

Uploading: 6079DCED-933D-4CD1-9CCC-0400F67BBAAC.jpeg…

The Zkittlez plant direct sowed on around 6/5 is really growing fast now. I’m fighting leaf hoppers, leaf miners, and caterpillars here, but between neem oil and BT, I think I’ve got this one under control for the moment.

One thing I’ve learned is that these plants would be a lot better in their own bed. Squeezing them between the carrots and the tomatoes wasn’t a great idea in terms of pest prevention.

As I prep for my late summer-autumn auto run outdoors and for my first tent grow this autumn, I am excited to try so many things I’ve learned this summer.

Hope you all are having a great day! Happy gardening!


Get yourself some diatomaceous earth. Dust the ground around your plant with it and the bottom of the stock where it goes in the ground up about 4 inches. This will prevent a lot of pest problems. It disappears after watering a couple times but it still there still working. I reapply every two or three weeks and I don’t wash it off the stem of the plant.It does work for pest control but it’s best used on a regular basis from the start. At least for me it drastically reduces the bugs showing up to start with. Hope this helps.


Hey Happily! Thanks for that advice. I actually bought myself a bag but haven’t pulled the trigger. Will get on it and report outcomes. Hope you and yours are safe and well!