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Advice for new outdoor grow?

Hi everyone! I’m new. Have four plants that I started from seed on June 4. Zkittlez (x2), Sunset Sherbet (both ILGM), and one that’s supposedly a Sour Kush Auto (Growers Choice).

I started three in little pots with black gold seedling mix. Kept them indoors under a weak LED for first couple weeks and just repotted and moved outdoors a few days ago. These are in organic potting soil mix, in large plastic pots with good drainage.

I direct sowed one Zkittlez in my veggie garden, too, just to learn something.

All these plants are getting tons of sun. The one in the garden gets about 10 hours of direct sun, and the ones in pots get about 12 hours. I’m watering sparingly, but enough to keep the plants turgid. There’s no wilting or anything.

The plants seem healthy, but I’m concerned because they seem smaller than others of similar age I see around the web. Likewise, I’m not at all sure my “auto” is actually an auto. Looks just like the others, so far as I can tell.

So, would you all please share your perspectives with me? Would love to learn from you!


Sorry! I’m in zone 8a. Daytime temps range from 75-90 F, and nighttime temps will get down to 70 or so through Aug.


1st, welcome to GN.

I don’t grow outside so I won’t attempt much advice, but I would guess that bringing them outside you’ll start putting on some growth.

As for the auto, you won’t be able to tell a difference just looking at it. You’ll be able to tell by the speed of the grow, meaning it will start to flower long before the others.


Thanks, @dunbar. :slight_smile: So an auto won’t necessary look different at this stage. That’s really useful info, and it makes me feel encouraged. This is my first grow, and I was really hoping to harvest something before my photo plants get ready. Ha!


Welcome baker.
I grow both indoor and outdoor. I do not grow organic, I use fertilizer. So I can’t help you with nutes if you’re growing organic, your plants look good so far. Usually when they look like they aren’t doing anything it’s because they are growing roots. So when you water don’t water at the plant. Water in a ring around the plant to encourage the roots to travel farther. This will help establish a good base and you will soon see the top explode. One more suggestion would be to prepare for insects now. Get yourself some Captain Jack’s dead bug. You can use this all the way up to harvest with no ill affects when applied correctly. You are far better off to have something ready to go and not need it then you are to see you have a problem and have to go get it.:+1:t3:


Thanks so much for this advice! I have some stuff for spider mites, caterpillars, etc. that I use in veggie gardening, but I will buy a bottle of the product you mentioned. Glad to know it’s safe throughout the grow. I’m certain it’ll be helpful. Am already noticing that leaf hoppers seem to like my plants. Lol!


Ever tried autos outdoors in the autumn? I have been considering buying a starter setup for indoor, but I would prefer to continue in the garden through Nov. or so if that’s practical. What do you think?


Got busy. Get back with you later

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Something to keep in mind is that your plants that are in flower require a lower RH than when they are in veg. RH that stays too long above ~60% increases the possibility of bud rot or mold.

Night time humidity in my part of the PNW is way too high after late Sept/early Oct. I have to have my outdoor plants harvested by the end of Sept (or be prtable enough to bring them inside at night.

Where about are you growing?


I’m near the coast in Mid-Atlantic, so we deal with high humidity, too. To be honest, managing humidity is something I’ve never thought much about in vegetable gardening. Somehow, I thought it made bigger difference for indoor growers. In terms of portability, though, that’s something I can control. Thanks for the consideration! Lots to learn.


Oly brings up a good point. So if you were to want to grow more auto flowers, now would be the time to plant them. Or order them from somewhere where you can get them relatively Quickly.You don’t know until you try. Sativa dominant plants will probably work better for you if humidity is a issue. They usually have a little bit smaller buds with a little more space between. Also plan ahead for your next years grow. Look for seeds that finish early. As far as photos. I always look for early finishing plants for my outdoor. :+1:t3:


So you’re on A island? Or central East Coast. If you’re central east coast there are other growers here that you can talk to about growing out door. A wealth of information to be had. You just need to know who to ask. Location location location, generally speaking. The environment that you’re growing and makes a huge difference.


Thanks for those suggestions. I have Grow 2’s auto seeds en route from Seedsman right now. Am really enjoying learning about this. Didn’t make super-smart calls on first round of seeds, so I placed another order very shortly after my first. Still don’t know which bank(s) to trust. Seems many folks go to boutiques I’ve never heard of.


Virginia coast.


I think a good person to tag in might be @repins12
He might be able to give you an idea of your growing season outdoor there. If you need somebody that’s right on the coast would be @LoCoRocK but he is down south in Florida. As far as a good place to get seeds look up Chitown seeds. The owner of this business is a member here very quick delivery, @automatik only has breeder packs. These are unopened packages from which ever breeder made them. Not in a little baggie that someone transferred them to after buying bulk…:+1:t3::+1:t3::v:t3:


Wow, thanks!


HUMIDITY SUX!!! Don’t it! LoL I can’t grow corn for shit outside down here…lol or cannabis neither for that matter! LMAO welcome to GN Mr. Baker… Good luck with the little ones they are green and alive - 2 things I aim for with these plants. Good stuff :+1:


Thanks for the encouragement! I am really looking forward to finding out whether I can keep these plants going and harvest something. Vegetable garden is doing great, so I will just hope Zkittlez and Sunset Sherbet like the same kind of soil as tomatoes and carrots and stuff.

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I found a tiny spider who’s taken up residence under one of the fan leaves on my small Sunset Sherbet plant. I guess he’s my mascot. :slight_smile:

Found that the tips and edges of a few leaves on my Zkittlez plant have been nibbled! I applied a small amount of neem oil. The fan leaves seemed to not love that. They wilted just a bit. All is well this morning, though.

The Sour Kush Auto and Zkittlez in pots are still really healthy and pretty, but they are growing soooo slowly. Maybe the regular potting mix I used needed some more perlite, or maybe I’ve overwatered. Plants so small, it’s tough to tell.


Probably a Mexican jumping spider, did he look like this…