Advice on fan placement for drying?

Hey guys this is one closet I’m using for drying . Where should I position my fan . I was reading you shouldn’t put it directly in front. Should I go buy those small clip fans thanks again!


looks like it should work fine for drying :slight_smile:

enjoy your work



I just hang buds in a corner of my bedroom keep it dark and pret for the best. So far so good as my room stays the coolest and darkest all the time. I maintain about 67 degrees in the room and about 58% rh in there at night temps drop even more in the room also. I just leave a fan blowing in the room if I have plants in one corner I face the fan towards the total opposite corner of the room. Just so the air in the room is moving around not sitting in one place. It don’t have to be movement u feel. As long as the air is moving it’s good to go. Just don’t have fans facing buds as it will dry them out too quick. If u feel they r getting too dry put buds in a jar and close jar and frequently open the jars for air exchange. Jars will slow down the dry process even more. Make sure to drop a hygrometer in the jars tho also. Lol.