Aeroponic Coco collar testing

Slowly growing. the tap root is 6" long.


Wow we think alike, I just put in some Planet of the Grapes seed in little net pots I got to fit my Turbo Klone cloner. I put little open cell sponges in the bottom to take up some of the height of the net pot, then used a jute fiber cloning cube from Midas products. I threw them in the water of the cloning machine to soak up and let the seeds soak for a day, then I’ll turn on the cloner and see if this is gonna work. I am starting a grow log on this one so took pictures of the start of it all which was just finished a few minutes ago. These grow plugs are very light and fluffy, I.m hoping they are easy for the seed to poke up through. I pulled them apart on edge as they are a matt type plug, then put the seed in about a half inch down then folded them back shut and formed them into the top of the net pots.

Hope it works, and thanks for the info on those coco grow plugs!


Nice it will work. I think rock wool will help the root anchor better resulting in faster growth. I noticed mine has long tap root. Slow leaf deployment. But im only growing on coco discs. Clone cube would better support for plant anchoring.


This way of sprouting works. Its definitely slower. 12 days to today. I transplanted them into biodegradable non woven pots. I also fed then 75% strength nutrients for the 1st time.