Aeroponic systems and Fogger systems

I’m working on converting a bubbler bucket into a hybrid Aeroponic system. While I was doing a little research I ran across a video about fogger systems. Has anyone ever tried growing with a fogger system?


I think @Moe.Red mentioned something about fogponics


I was interested I had never heard of anyone using a fogger to grow cannabis before. It won’t work for me the cost of the parts and if I had a blackout of power for more than 2 hours it would kill the plants.


I was looking at @effnercollins Project Z and find his aerogarden as a way to grow in hydro interesting and possibly a lot less work. I ordered some aerogarden any seed pods and they arrived. I checked the pods in my Turbokloner T-24 and they fit!

I saw this on YouTube, it’s less expensive than a Aerogarden unit.

If my bubble bucket conversion idea doesn’t work out I might try the Spider Farm garden out.


Woooooo, im excited to see that bad boy in action as well as ur other project. I just purchased a 2.5 gallon bucket cause it fit the diameter of the bottom of the aero garden. now I can use that bottom attachment that is the pump at the bottom of the bucket and have alittle more space for those roots to grow!


Also Fogponics is phenomenal for cloning, I would strictly only use it for doing large amounts of clones. I actually think I might of successfully cloned off of this project z, we took my girlfriend old nebulizor that she doesn’t use a lot, got new tubes and fed a mixture of Calmag, water, PK to this plant humidity box thing w the top on and it’s already grown hella roots. we have it maybe sitting in a nickel thickness deep of water but the fog the nebulizor is producing is doing great. maybe i’m doing things weird, but it’s always good to try new things:)


Yep I have been reading and checking on Fogponics the last few days! Lol!


Love it! might have to get one of those for this aero garden system, 2 weeks into flowering rn so after this plant done my build will hopefully get on the roll


Yes, I do fogponics. I find it to be the best production from cannabis, but they are a bit twitchy and need a lot of control. For example, just leaving the fogger on 24x7 will heat the water to over 100*F driving off O2 and can really cause issues with root rot and such.

I’ve custom built all my controls for this system and I am about to start it back up. Looks a lot different now, but here is my last grow in there:


Your plants look great! How do you control the water temperature? I have heard other people say 5-7 minutes on and 12-15 minutes off.


I’m getting a little ahead of myself but here is what I do.

Those are probes mounted on the tray in green. PH, EC, Temp, DO etc.

Best to just show you in a couple weeks when it is all up and running.


I also inject 90% O2 in there, so I’m cheating. I control every possible parameter in this entire grow.


Just started my little recirculating spray project.

  1. 7 gallon bucket for base and water reservoir.
  2. 5 gallon bucket with a 1-3/4 hole directly in the middle of bottom of bucket for the sprayer. Add smaller 1/4 inch holes to the bottom of the buckets to help water drain back to the reservoir. If your worried that root may get in the reservoir get a 10 inch splatter cover from Wally World and cut off the handle and make hole in it to let the sprinkler hear through.
  3. Was going to run the pump cord out the top. Decided to try this instead. Just encase I need to swap out pump.

  4. Use any net cup you want or have on hand. I’m using Aerogarden cups for this project. Drill hole to fit Net cup.

  5. I’m using a Vivosun 800 gph pump that can be adjusted for water flow, 6 inch 1/2 inch dia. riser and a Orbit 360 degree 1/2 shrub sprinkler head.

    I’m still need to drill drain holes in the bottom before I water test it. If it doesn’t work very well to grow in, it will be a cheap version of a Turbokloner!

Just finished the water test. I had a 180 degree spray head on and switched out with a Rainbird 360.

  1. Dry lid before the test.
  2. Lid after 5 minutes running.
  3. Lid after 30 minutes running.

    I wish I had a submersible thermometer to check the temperature. I’ll get 1 sometime when I’m out and about.
    UPDATE Removed filter from spray head, ran system for 30 minutes, and to me it showed better results.

Pretty neat system.


Screen shots of Spider Farmer SF-SmartG12 of cloning weed. All pictures were taken on Day 9.

SF G12 Day 9 roots