Afghan purple first time grow

Hi there peeps, i have recently burned alot of my ultra rare seeds by not realizing the fact that they just need random garden soil and some water for growing, here in the picture is the afghan purple that I didn’t germinated, directly burried under a shallow layer of soil, and i cannot believe that a seed can sprout this fast

Again, this sprouting one was just placed under the soul, it truly demonstrates the hardcore genetics i have


Hey @tomboy , that is some sandy soil, at first glance I thought it was wet bubble hash you had going there. How do you feed your plants when they are bigger?


It actually is mostly sand, as far as the farmer told me, just some water is enough for these strain, i have tried various soil mixturs, but nothing works as good as soil, its also because we here got the most fertile soil in the world that doesn’t needs any nutrients or supplements, when they’ll grow i have pland t givve them dried banana peel mix tea and other organic nutrients


My suggestion is doing a little more research on the types of soil you put your cannabis in. That soil you’re using is no Bueno brother. Your plants are not going to be able to breathe properly. And it will take longer to dry out… That means less feeding possible and that equals to less buds at the end. There are many reason why not to use that soil. There are many videos on youtube that teach you on different types of cannabis mediums. Coco/rockwool/dwc/ dirt… Ect :facepunch:t3::v:t3: