Afghani 1- Flowering stretch?

Hey what up y’all. Check out my afghani 1 . 5 in a 3x3 2 bagseed anybody grown this strain?


Hi @growgrew420

Great plants and I am sure most of us have grown bagseed afghani’s in some shape or form. I am counting 6 plants in the picture? The plants are looking like they are growing well. You might want to start looking at cleaning the growth under the canopy out in the next few days. The yellowing plant to the left is looking like a problem child, very yellow as you can see. All looking great though. Good growing.


The two on the far left and right center are bag seed I had them in 1gal pots I just upgraded the one on the left to a 3 gal smart pot like the rest


pretty pretty pretty! :green_heart: :green_heart: :smiley:

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