Air filter rebuild instructions!

Ok folks as promised the grow tent carbon filter rebuild instructions!
Tools needed

  1. Flathead screwdriver
  2. Pop rivet tool
  3. Drill and bits
  4. Needle nose pliers
  5. rubber gloves
  6. Dust mask or do outside on the lawn.
  7. Safety glasses

    Supplies needed
  8. Tape of some sort.
  9. Packing tape.
  10. Pop rivets
  11. Virgin activated carbon 20 lbs does 2x 6"x 16 or 6"x 18"

  12. Take filter off/out of the tent. set it down with the opening at the top.
  13. Take a drill bit and drill with a bit just a little bigger than the rivets head and drill just the head off. (Tip do not drill into the filter there is a liner and it will snag the drill bit and twist and rip the net screen inside then carbon falls out later)

  14. Pull the top off and set aside. then drill the rivets out of the inner lip holding the black ring to the mesh wire cage. Or if its an active air filter you don’t need this step. After the rivets are drilled out Wiggle the cap off.
  15. now you can see the inner screens netting bags whatever. Immediately take the outter netting and roll down and over the outside of the whole filters and tape it around the base with packing tape. (this keeps the screen/netting from shifting or falling into the mesh screen) and makes filling easier.
  16. Then take the other inner netting push it down inside of the center of the intake tube and tape it to the inner mesh schreen inside. (This keeps both nets/screens taught and in the same position it was from the factory)
  17. Now you can empty the carbon out properly without messing up the net.

    On the generic filter the center piece is affixed to the base some how. On the active air filter the center is (NOT SECURE AND WILL DROP OUT) causing a huge issue. So do two things 1. Hold the center mesh tube in place as you empty it. 2. Try not to move it or pull it out. the screen is rolled under and carbon holds it in place when full.
  18. Now fill the carbon evenly. The bucket i got has a nice pull up and out spout makes filling a breeze.
    *tip pay attention to how you fill it up do not move the center tube much or fill one side to much. Or you will have issues getting the end caps on properly after filling because it will be lopsided.
  19. As you fill on the generic one i had to do it twice because i filled it on one side too much and it would not close up.*Tip fill up 1/3 then take the filter lift off the ground a couple inches and drop it rapidly a bunch of times to settle it and pack it down. *Tip on the active air models center mesh tube is free to move or wobble hold it down on a firm surface as you fill and push down on the center tube as you fill it to keep it centered.Then fill it up to 75% full at this point make sure the tube is in correct alignment or you will have issues. Do some more packing settling of the carbon. Then top it off and some carbon and more packing like before.
  20. Now pull your tape off from around the base and the inside of the tube.

    Pull them up together and roll them down. On the generic filter there was 2 different kinds of screens so i had to sort of tuck it back.
    On the active air it has foam in a ring shape so i twisted it sidewas then gently tucked the screen under it with a screwdriver.
  21. Put the caps back on. Pop Rivet cap back on inside of generic filter.

    Then place the outlet tube cover back on and secure with screws. On the active air i just used screws to hold the the cover back on.

    And new pre filter on the active air and on the generic i just blew it out with compressed air.

    Time. 1 hr.
    Cost. $75
    Since i did 2 different styles of filter’s you CAN REBUILD THEM ALL!
    There carbon is the smaller chunk granulars and medium chunks and the new stuff is more flat and packs in better and or the same.

    Hope this helps everyone and feel free to ask me question.
    Oh here is where i got the carbon from. Im trying to get them to offer a discount for the forum growers.

Nicely done bro!! :+1::+1:


Thank you it was really easy and a little tricky. My take aways are the active air one was a tiny bit better in some aspects it was easier. I didn’t like the center moved but after the 1st filter i learned real quick to not get the tube crooked. So very easy and worth it YES. 2 new filter are $145. This was $75. im buying 55lbs next time.


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Not sure if you guys use carbon air filters.


I do depending on the dank level lol. But it’s legal here and I am currently just running the fan no filter but have a new 6” filter and fan I need to still set up


@PreyBird1 Nice tread thanks I’m going that route next time I need filters :v:t2:


Yeah is a good way to save some money if you have old filters kicking around.


Excellent rebuild instructions


keep this thread around!