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Air pump+airstone in soil

Hello growers. I’m mostly an indoor hydroponic grower but decided to grow some stuff outside for fun. I’m going to be testing adding a vertically inserted 6inch air stone (connected to my air pump with air tubing) in the middle of my pots to see if plants experience any boost in growth due to the extra oxygen being dispersed at root depth. Just wondering if anyone else has tested anything similar and what the results were? Thanks.


great experiment will try to watch for results.

Must keep soil wetter than usual = hydro soil

Sounds like a good idea I had a similar idea using 1-in flexible tubing spiraled around the inside of a 7 gallon bucket with pinholes all around it with the top sticking out. I watered it through the tube. The plant turned out great and it kept the surface dry to keep pests away


I have done this in 35 gal pots and found it helped keep the plants extra healthy and growing vigorously. I found the salt water sand style airstones worked best tho. I used 2 per pot in the end and placed them under the root ball about 1/3 of the way across pot. It’s a bit of a investment but u can clean the airstones and re use them as long as ur gentle, the sand style break easily :(.