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Alcapolco Gold Grow. w/ Gavita 1650

So here we are getting ready for another round. This time we are pulling out some of the best genes ever Alcapolco Gold. The REAL deal. I will be using the Gavita 1650 ML. Im currently in the planing stage. This is really a place holder, while i sort out some things in my personal life. I will be doing some product testing. Some clients have asked to remain nameless for this. Aswell there are a few that i owe a big thanks too. Im trying to work out a list of who those people are… please excuse me if i forget. Soo much going on currently. (Will be updating this)

Here is a pic of seven A.G seeds. getting the full treatment. Stay tuned and enjoy.

less then fifteen hours and shells are breaking. here we go…


Seeds are in the soil. now sit back and enjoy.

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