Alert : Pulse VPD/Nutrient monitoring sale upcoming

I wanted to post this for the community…we all know Pulse is a leader in VPD/nutrient monitoring equipment…When a good sale comes along it’s worth looking into.
I have NO associations with Pulse, but do recognize their high quality equipment…

Hey Robert,

The Hub has been generating a ton of hype, and we’re feeling the love from our passionate community. The Pulse Team and I are truly grateful for your support and enthusiasm.

I know you’ve been waiting for this, and I am excited to announce that the time is almost here:

Preorders for our Early Access list open tomorrow March 23rd at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (12:00 PM Eastern). This is your last chance to get early access so sign up here.

Quantities are limited, and I expect the first batch to sell out quickly. Don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of the preorder deal.

Early Access Opens March 23rd, 9:00AM Pacific

Preorder Deal:

$399 for the Starter Kit (Hub + Temp/RH/VPD)

$599 for the VWC Kit (Hub + Soil Moisture/EC/temp)

$799 for the Reservoir Kit (Hub + submersible pH & EC)


Thanks Bob . Love my Pulse Pro…
The previous marketing sheet, details it can handle up to 12 sensors per hub, for those that are not on the mailer.
But dang at 200 a sensor…hopefully its not married to proprietary sensors. I love my Pulse Pro a little more. Time to email Pete/Chris…for upgrade options.


Working backwards…here’s a bit more info for those in the shit giving department.
.-Copy Paste Below-
Being a grower myself, I know the kind of abuse that equipment needs to endure in our gardens, crop after crop. Some equipment falls apart after a single run, and some stands the test of time.

Pulse Hub getting wet

Here enters the Pulse Hub; designed to withstand the extreme conditions that occur during cultivation, it uses waterproof marine-style cabling, making it easy to connect and place sensors in the harshest environments.

Marine spec NMEA2000 cabling T-connector

The cabling design enables branching off of the main cable line to connect sensors (daisy-chaining), rather than requiring all individual sensor cables to lead back to the Hub. This streamlines setup, minimizes cable clutter, and simplifies sensor network management.

Our robust cabling, combined with the ability to accommodate up to 12 sensors per Hub, offers remarkable adaptability for tailoring your grow setup. I made a couple of sketches to give you an idea of what I mean.

For example, you can use a variety of sensors in multiple grow spaces connected to a single Hub:

Cover multiple grow spaces

If you run a larger facility, you can track the VWC, soil EC, and soil temp with up to 12 sensors per Hub:

Monitor VWC across a large room

Another potential way you could use Pulse Hub is to track pH, EC and water temperature in all of your nutrient reservoirs:

Keep an eye on all your tanks and reservoirs

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how you could use Pulse Hub to improve outcomes in your grow.

I certainly see a ton of excitement and enthusiasm from the community around Pulse Hub and am eager to share more (including pricing!) with you in the coming days.

You’re already in Early Access so you will get all the updates and exclusive access to the Pulse Hub launch before anyone else. Thanks for your support!

Preorders starting soon. First batch ships in April. Limited quantity available.


Thanks for expanding the extent of productivity available with the pulsehub !


New Pulse offer and contest that I wanted to share with the community…now THAT"S a prize !!

Hey Robert,

It’s brutal out there.

A Freon leak or clogged drip emitter could reset your run straight back to the propagation stage in a hurry. It’s more important than ever to monitor your garden temps and soil moisture. We’re giving away a fully kitted Hub setup to keep you covered. We’ve got a pretty sweet Summer Sale going on as well.

We’re giving away an absolutely kitted Hub ($3,000+ prize) to one lucky winner.

Enter to win on instagram & THCFarmer, and then submit your email at the giveaway page.