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All about durability in LED Lighting, see our conference booth and experience at CCC in Portland!

The 4th annual Cannabis Collaborative Conference (CCC) was held in Portland on January 24th to 25th earlier this year, with Jennifer Lytle, Northwest Regional Business Development Manager and Rebecca Knight @BIOS_Lighting_RK , Technical Marketing Director, showcasing the Icarus line of horticultural LED grow lights.

Watch our Cannabis Collaborative Conference recap video where Jennifer and Rebecca enjoyed showing off the durability, efficiency, and ease of install for the Icarus line of horticulture LED lighting products…!

They started off wanting to focus on science…

…but the main theme that evolved was durability. Everyone seemed interested in learning more about the strength and durability of BIOS products, including how our fixtures come ready to install, no assembly required.

There were several Vis stacked on the table and visitors stopped by to pick them up noticing their thin 1.5″ profile, tempered glass cover, and
sliding bracket system.

In the background there was the Icarus Gi2, perfect for open bed or sea-of-green applications. This one-to-one 1000 watt HID fixture replacement uses only 640 watts and really lit up the BIOS lighting booth.

Partners everywhere!

Just down from the BIOS booth was My Urban Greenhouse, Jennifer and Rebecca directed visitors to their display where they had an installation of the Icarus Vi. Visitors could see multiple Icarus Vis daisy-chained, flush, and integrated into the My Urban Greenhouse system all using just one outlet cord.

Next to the BIOS booth was the Energy Pavilion, where Rebecca had the chance to interview our friends from the nonprofit Resource Innovation Institute (RII) and the Energy Trust of Oregon. As a proud ally, all BIOS spec sheets had the Trade Ally stamp and logo. Jennifer works closely with the Energy Trust of Oregon and has been successful getting growers incentives that cut the cost of BIOS Lighting LED installations significantly.

“…you need no tools whatsoever. It [Icarus fixture] comes in the box, you take it out, you undo these [knobs] and you just set this [fixture] inside your racking.”

-Jennifer Lytle, BIOS Lighting

“If there is anything sprayed, or any moisture [in the grow facility] it’s going build up over time…and so with BIOS … all the fixtures have a cover, it’s tempered glass (super safe) and easily wiped down so you can keep your lights clean.”

-Rebecca Knight, BIOS Lighting

A series of conversations

Over the course of two days, Jennifer and Rebecca had numerous conversations about the Icarus line of horticulture LED grow lights. It was extremely gratifying running into customers and growers, many of whom stopped by to see Jennifer, their sales representative, and provided updates on their grow facilities using BIOS lighting. When Rebecca wasn’t speaking to another visitor or customer she couldn’t help but take video footage on the spot as BIOS customers who trialed our lights were more than willing to share their success stories.

What a great conference – Thank you to all who stopped by!




Excellent video! Any @DispensaryOwners @growopowners @mastergrowers looking for new lights need to check BIOS out!