Am I Hermied?

Howdy folks! Flipped 4 girls to flower a week ago and noticed this last night. I’m 99% sure this is a hermie but I figured I would ask y’all to make sure. I actually had a hermie in my last run as well but I missed it and it f’ed up the whole grow.

I would also appreciate any tips on what I can do if it is a hermie. Obviously I’m going to remove it but I’m not sure if I can possibly save it without the buds being full of seeds (I already have enough seed filled buds to last me a century). I appreciate any help I can get and everyones expert advice. Thanks!


For me it’s too soon to tell if it’s a boy or a girl. I believe it’s fairly rare for a plant to show both sexes this early. Usually when a plant Herms it’s fairly far into flower. Not always but the majority of the time. I personally have never seen one exhibit both sexes out the gate. :v:t3:


Not enough in the pic to tell yet. I’m not seeing anything male yet at least. Let it ride


Thank you both for the quick response’s, I felt like it would be too early as well so I’ll do a more thorough check tonight and keep a close eye on them. My initial quick reaction is due to what happened with my last run. I felt like I did everything right and I must of had a seed with bad genetics. One of the plants had an insane amount of seeds and was clearly well developed so If that was the case, I assume I would of caught it early on (had I been looking for it). I purchased these seeds from the same distributor and I’ve had this bad feeling ever since I havested my last run. All that bring said, I’m very new to the world of growing so I might be WAY over thinking it but better safe then sorry right? Ill be on the lookout for more signs and I appreciate the help!


Looks like was over reacting a bit! Thanks again for the advice folks, onwards and upwards!