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🍃 AMA with Reggie Gaudino of Steep Hill Cannabis Testing Weds, May 29th, 2019 11 AM PST

You will not want to miss this highly charged and highly relevant topic of this weeks AMA with industry legend, @Reggie Reggie Guadino

If you have read the very popular topic here at Growers Network entitled “Cannabis sequencing drama,what’s it all about?” this will be your chance to chime in and do a deep dive with one of the current thought leaders on the topic.

  • Who: Reggie Gaudino with Steep Hill Cannabis Testing
  • What: Transparency in the Cannabis Community
  • Where: Growers Network Forum
  • When: Wednesday, May 29th, 2019 11 AM PST


Here is Dr. Gaudino’s bio from the Steep Hill website: “Dr. Reggie Gaudino oversees all scientific research and development for Steep Hill and manages the cannabis genetics and research division. Dr. Gaudino directed a team of researchers which led to the development of GenKit™, the first cannabis DNA-based sex test. The research from Dr. Gaudino has been peer-reviewed and published, leading to important new discoveries in the cannabis industry. He is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of cannabis genetics where his former experience as a Patent Agent with Sequenom brings valuable insight to the cannabis industry.”

To prepare for this enlightening chat, here’s a just-published article from the Future Cannabis Project which addresses the current Phylos fallout and Dr. Gaudino’s take on it:


Looking forward to the AMA. I’m happy to answer questions on any topic, and hopefully it all won’t be on the highly charged topic. See everyone in a couple of hours


We are all very much looking forward to this AMA, @reggie and the opportunity to ask you those burning questions that have been searing our minds. Thanks for taking the time to be here with us.


Wonderful to have such a gentleman from WNY


This is exciting thankyou


@memberdirectory We are going :red_circle:[LIVE] shortly. Start asking questions NOW!

Should be an awesome AMA. Enjoy and have fun.


  • Keith

SHould the questions be typed in here?
I just had a very interesting question posted by @hoppiefrog


:leaves: AMA with Reggie Gaudino of Steep Hill Cannabis Testing Weds, May 29th, 2019 11 AM PST is it possible to breed out viruses and disease? (I hope this is a. Appropriate question)



Some viruses are naturally excluded from the process that ends up making seeds, but others may be transmitted. If you have a marker you can follow, you can breed for the presence or absence of anything. So, the theoretical answer is that if you know the virus’s DNA/RNA sequence, you could screen offspring for the presence/absence of those DNA/RNA sequences. It’s the same thing as screening for any other DNA/RNA sequence.

Tissue culture is another way to be able to produce clean germplasm (seeds, clones), that can then be used for breeding.


Great question, @hoppiefrog!


Yes sir. This is the place to ask / answer questions


:+1: thanks. I had to copy the question and answer from @hoppiefrog to here


@reggie I know you are probably tired from your trip to Africa from which you returned last night, so thanks again for taking time to be with us today!


Hi Reggie.
What canna-medicinal breakthroughs do you see in the near future for the industry? Do you have ideas of upcoming canna-trends?


@hoppiefrog are you posting your questions in here? I don’t see them except when i go to the email


Cannabis genetics and IP are some of the hottest topics in the industry today. Recent developments concerning the business integrity of some companies have let the whole industry feeling shaken. What can lab owners and processors do to restore and preserve trust, especially as it pertains to intellectual property?


As a laboratory testing guru, what do you foresee as being the requirements for cannabis lab testing across ALL states once the federal ban is lifted and how soon do you think those requirements will go into effect?


I think that we are going to see a good deal of importance placed on minor cannabinoids. Data from Israel has already shown that for some cancers and diseases, the level of THC(A) has very little to do with the success of killing the cancer cells. For sure, there are some that respond directly to THC(A) or CBD(A), but we already see that you can have extracts that are low in THC that have effectiveness and adding THC doesn’t change the response. Also there is evidence that some of the minor cannabinoids are very specifically involved in aspects of neurological defects such as Autism and epilepsy.
SO there is a lot more to come.

Canna-Trends? Terpene specific breeding. Controlled effects based on selection for very specific sets of terpenes. And more on other compounds. there are a lot more groups we don’t even talk about


Plain language, transparent intake forms. Discussions/working with the clients, so they are involved in each aspect of the process. So they know exactly what is and isn’t possible, and supporting them with data to be able to protect their product.
But i also think the industry needs to do some homework. They need to understand what IP really is, and how it works, and not grab on to misconceptions. And, quite frankly, stop being johnny appleseed with everything they do


Hello Reggie,

What do you expect for the future of Cannabis strain patents? I see the future consisting of breeders with their own certified strains which could be leased out. The Cannabis industry is far behind the normal ag industry in regards to cultivar controls.