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Hi there,

I am a fairly new grower. I have successfully grown one Autoflower. She produced about an oz. I started that grow under a blurple light that was gifted to me. Later, I bought 120w led quantum board, which is what I am using now. I had little to no understanding of the difference between organic growing and synthetic grows. I also had no idea what microbes are or the importance of an healthy rhizosphere.

Now, I am on my second grow. To give you an idea of my set up; I am growing in a 28”x28”x5’ grow tent. So I’m only growing one plant at a time. At the moment, I’m growing Apex R1 by Ethos genetics. In week 4 of vegetation. Under the Vivosun VS1000. With a 3x3 coverage. I am in the vegetative stage so this light will do for now. Moving forward we plan on upgrading our light to the MarsHydro TSW 2000.

I have really been able to dial in on the RH/Temperature. Using a combination of a ventilation and exhaust fan, a humidifier and clip on fans. Also, I added a Mushroom CO2 bag.

The plants are doing great so far. I did have a few concerns a couple weeks back. When I started to notice some yellowing in the new growth. This got me to thinking about what the issue could be. I determined it had to be a PH issue or the slow release amendments hadn’t broken down yet. This got me thinking about microbial activity in the soil. Then I connected the dots and determined that the PH balancing solutions I had been using were not organic. So this led me to believe that the PH up and down by general hydroponics was killing my microbes.

I set out a recovery plan and bought some microbes from TPS Billions. I semi flushed my soil by simply watering with water for the next 3 waterings. Once that was done I mixed a feed simply using FoxFarms Big Bloom. The very next watering I introduced new microbes to the soil. Here I am a few days later.

The plants bounced back way before I was through this recovery plan because I don’t think that was the issue. But all together I am glad that I stopped using the chemical PH solutions. From now on I’m using microbe friendly solutions.

Below I’ve added a photo of the yellowing from before and a current photo.

Can anyone identify what caused the yellowing?




I don’t have an answer for you but I’ll be watching. Moving from Synthetic to Organic growing myself so I am right behind you. Looking pretty good so.

You have come to the right place and knowledgeable folks will be jumping in here shortly.

Happy growing!


HI @vlonevaro

Welcome to GN and great to have you here. Your setup sounds great, and the problem you seem to be having could be a number of issues like light stress, nutrient deficiency or enviromental factors. You say you have already grown under this light, the same strain?


Yes I have grown under this light but not the same strain. And now come to think of it. There was a period right after I transplanted the seedlings into a 1 gal pot where I eyeballed it raising the light to account for the taller pots. But when I measured a day or two later it was still too close. So far that is the most possible diagnosis.

So far they’re doing great. I’m also vegging a few plants for an outdoor grow in my tent till it gets just right outside.


@vionevaro welcome to GN !

Not sure what your problem was with the first plant pictured, but your second picture looks beautiful !
Living Soils are neat and offer many advantages…but do take time and effort to establish. !
After adding your preferred microbe inoculants, it’s important to note that they CANNOT differentiate between organic and synthetic nutrients…they’re the exact same molecules. It is usually pH or saturated soils which are most destructive to microbe colonies…

Good luck with your grows !