American Soil Supply Company - Horticulture Equipment and Supply

Hello Growers Network and Users,

My name is Scott Reilly, Owner and Founder of American Soil Supply Company. At American Soil Supply Company, our goal is to provide our customers the widest selection along with unbeatable pricing when it comes to Horticulture Equipment and Machinery. From hemp and cannabis propagation and post processing equipment, soil mixing and bagging equipment, mushroom media mixing and bagging equipment, potting machines and flat fillers and so much more!

You can find our catalog at where we currently feature companies like;

  • Pack Manufacturing
  • Kalco Corp
  • Kase Horticulture
  • Munch Machine
  • Crown Machines
    and so much more!

At this time we are also building our selection of premium grow media, bulk amendments, nutrients, tools and supply, HVAC and other industry tools and aids.

We are currently servicing customers in the Soil Manufacturing Industry and Wholesale Nurseries with equipment and customer service to take their production operations to the next level! Our clients come from all over the US, including our home state of Tennessee, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Michigan and Oregon.

Watch us grow!

Scott Reilly
Owner - American Soil Supply Company!


Thanks for the intro Scott, I’m interested in your company’s product for growing cannabis plants. One of the companies which I use the product is indogulf. It is an American brand with lots of great organic Cannabis fertilizers to choose from. I would suggest you take a look and see the magic of your plants. Thanks

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