Amino Acids What and Why

I’m new to Amino Acids but here’s what I’ve learned so far. Amino acids are an easily available source of nitrogen, increase chlorophyll and photosynthesis, improve pest and disease resistance, boost the strength of cells and help stimulate the production of key vitamins. They are able to be absorbed by the roots and the foliage but pass easiest through the leaves. L- aminos are easier to absorb then D- aminos and all are available in both forms with the exception of glycine. Please feel free to post additional info and resources about aminos here.
What do you use for a source of amino acids?


Paper on amino acids contained within stems, seeds, and leaves of cannabis. (PDF) B.S. Audu, P.C. Ofojekwu, A. Ujah, M.N.O. Ajima (2014): Phytochemical, proximate composition, amino acid profile and characterization of Marijuana (Cannabis sativa L.) The Journal of Phytopharmacology 3(1): 35-43.


Great points and topic of discussion, one very important thing with amino acids (AAs) is that they are the building blocks (subunits) of proteins (e.g. enzymes that catalyze biological reactions in the plant!), and AAs such as L-phenylalanine serve as precursors in the biosynthesis of important molecules like lignin (stem structure and support) to your point.


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Bee pollen! Shit ton of aminos and wonderful for your soil!

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